MB Direct was established in 2011 by Vin Nichols and Mark Wallis.  The vision was to create a business that offers superior service and a comprehensive range of quality products.

The company has been formed through the combination of two established companies, Mavko Pty Ltd and Bluechip Concrete Pty Ltd. The merging of both product ranges has allowed MB Direct to become the leading reinforcing accessories wholesale supplier in Western Australia.  Our recent alliance with Max Frank has further strengthened this position.

In addition MB Direct continues to offer trade direct supply of Formwork consumables to the local market.

Since forming MB Direct, the business has continued to etch out a specific brand identity within the market and has embarked on several growth strategies of complementary services and products. The benefits of which continue to deliver towards the vision of creating increased value for our customers.

In line with our total customer focus, we are continually looking to increase our product range. Together MB Direct currently operates in the Reinforcing and Formwork market places, but has access to products which allow for expansion into the Waterproofing and Distance Tube markets.

If there are other products you require that we currently do not stock in the reinforcing and formwork industries, please do not hesitate to let us know.

We are determined to stand out and provide exceptional customer service. Our Core Values are designed to enable us to monitor that objective and strive to improve every day to continually add value to our customers and their operations.

Honesty, Ethics and Integrity

To act with honesty and integrity without misrepresenting the truth


To consistently demonstrate the ability to come up with new and creative ideas that have the potential to change the way we operate internally and externally Being efficient and effective in our approach to give best outcomes each time

Respect and Accepting

Giving due respect to self and others and maintain the environment of team work and personal growth


Doing the things that just feel right and what is expected, will shape future business direction and success


Maintaining Healthy life and work balance for all employees A sense of responsibility and contribution to society that shapes our existence


To trust all employees to act in an appropriate manner consistent with expectations


All employees to enjoy their work environment and demonstrate loyalty through commitment. Create loyalty by empowering employees to demonstrate initiative and always give their best.