Reinforcing products available to wholesale clients only

Please note our reinforcing product range is only available on a wholesale basis. Please contact your reinforcing steel or accessory provider and request MBDirect accessories with your next order.

For new wholesale enquiries please click here.

  • Wire Products

    Wire Products

  • Triple Cover Fibre Composite Spacers

  • Wire Bar Chairs

  • Single Cover Triangular Spacers

  • Cast Concrete Spacers

    Cast Concrete Spacers

Can I buy rebar from you?

No we only provide reinforcing accessories, please contact your nearest steel reinforcing provider.

Who do I contact for orders?

By email – simply send your purchase details to [email protected] , speak directly to us via contact numbers or complete web enquiry form under contact us menu.

I have an account query how do I resolve this?

Please email [email protected]

How do I open an account?

Please contact us to discuss opening an account.

Please note that all sales are subject to our Terms and Conditions which can be downloaded here mb-direct-terms-and-conditions-of-sale

Can I buy / order online?

Sorry not at this stage, we are working towards this option however you will still need to have an account with us to use this facility.

What are your operating hours?

We are contactable by phone from 7.30am – 4.30pm Monday to Friday, or by email any time.  We realise that flexible hours are required in the construction industry and can discuss out of hours pick-ups by prior arrangement.

Is there always someone at your warehouse during business hours?

No, in order to offer our clients competitively priced products and efficient delivery times we are regularly on the road. Please phone ahead to coordinate urgent pick-ups.

Can I send a courier now to pick up?

That depends, as explained above,  the warehouse may be unattended. You will need to arrange this in advance. If pick up is required we will always provide you with a time when your order will be ready for pick up.